Kerv Automotive

"The kick of a motorcycle" "The sensation of a jet" "The luxury of a sports car"

Enjoy freedom like never before

For anyone who wants to step off the beaten track, who searches for unlimited freedom, who enjoys excitement without compromising on comfort; proudly presenting the Kerv. This vehicle combines the kick of a motorcycle with the luxury of a sports car and the sensation of a jet. This unique combination is the key to unprecedented freedom. Freedom to enjoy a vehicle that completely fits your identity, freedom to live life to the fullest, and freedom to take on new challenges in your search for unforgettable adventures.

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Tilting system

The unique tilting system combines a sensational driving experience with ground-breaking innovation. Turn after turn, the Kerv will take you on an adventure and give you a sense of absolute freedom while staying perfectly balanced thanks to the active tilting system. The cabin tilting is controlled by a hydraulic system that alleviates any lateral force, ensuring that you glide seamlessly into every corner and experience a new level of driving dynamics that conventional sports cars simply can’t deliver.


The Kerv is the safest motorcycle you can find. The STS-system (Steering and Tilting System) developed in-house adapts the chassis tuning to the vehicle properties and the tilt position, providing a safe driving experience at all times. From a unique wheel suspension design to an intuitive steering feel, and an advanced hydraulic safety system, the Kerv brings everything together into a well-engineered design that prioritises your safety at every turn.

Cockpit experience

From the moment you step into the Kerv, you can imagine yourself in the cockpit of a jet. You will enjoy a compact interior that offers you every comfort. The digital dashboard allows you to closely follow all parameters for a carefree ride, while the infotainment system provides interactive music playback and hands-free communication.

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Achieving a perfect mix of emotion and reason, the Kerv was created in the spirit of today and designed with an eye to the future. This vehicle is the prime example of how man and machine, form and function, merge into a distinct, sophisticated design language. At first glance, the Kerv appears to be a sporty and robust motorcycle, but looking closer the interior exudes quality and style. Every detail has been meticulously thought through to create the ultimate driving experience, highlighting comfort, sensation and the cockpit experience.