Sales & aftersales

The final purchase of your Kerv is not yet possible. Through sign-in you will be added on our priority list to convert your interest into a pre-order. As soon as we activate the pre-orders, you will receive a confirmation with the option of a unique gift which reminds you every day what kind of unique product you’ve purchased. Also you’ll get access to the exclusive Members Zone via a unique login. This way you stay informed of all developments, this gives you access to our planned ‘drivers events’ and you stay informed when your Kerv will be delivered.

We are planning pre-orders registration for the Kerv for the upcomng period. You can already register as a potential buyer in our member zone. This registration is free and without further obligations. You will then be the first to receive a notification when pre-order process will start. This way you can be sure that you will be one of the first to reserve a Kerv.

We are now preparing for a final phase that will end in production preparation. The official launch is currently scheduled for 2027.

We are currently in negotiation with potential suppliers for our high quality materials. Therefore, the final price tag is still unknown. We can already guarantee an excellent price to performance ratio and value for money for this exclusive vehicle.

The Kerv can be ordered online around the world. There will be an experience centre in Belgium for pre-purchase experience, sales and aftersales. Negotiations are ongoing with sales and aftersales partners in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

The Kerv has been designed according to EU regulations. Within the EU, you will have no trouble registering your Kerv for the road. Approval for registration outside the EU and screening by local authorities, for now, remains the buyers responsibility. Kerv Automotive will provide any required technical documents.

We like to keep the current Kerv model exclusive and that is why we do not anticipate very high production numbers. We are currently planning maximum production of up to 1.500 KERVs per year.


Yes, the Kerv comes with an ABS system as standard. A stability programme is integrated in our STS-system (Steering and Tilting System) to keep the cabin in the optimal and safest position in all circumstances.

Yes, the Kerv has been designed according to roll-over regulations within the automotive industry. The roof pillars are seamlessly integrated in the design to guarantee complete safety for both the driver and the passenger.

The Kerv features an ABS (Anti-Lock Bracking System), a ROPS (Roll-Over Protection System) and the STS-stability programme.

Vehicle specs

The Kerv will be powered by two E-motors, with a total power of at least 100kW.

The driving range is at least 200 kilometers with a 100% charged battery under normal conditions. In addition, fast charging is provided to enable longer journeys without affecting the ‘light character’ of the KERV.

We are currently reviewing serveral options for finalizing the E-motors, the requirement is set to deliver a minimum of 100kW (136 BHP)

The expected time for acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is 5.9 seconds.

The target vehicle mass is 850 kg for the combustion engine model (excluding driver weight).

Tilting system

The Kerv tilting system is an in-house developed system that electronically regulates the cabin tilt position and tilt speed according to driver input and vehicle speed. The cabin then tilts to its required position by way of hydraulic propulsion. It will alleviate all lateral force at all times, so the driver and passenger can feel free as a bird. The system has been designed according to the highest safety standards.

In the current Kerv models, the tilting system is combined with rear wheel steering. This system is controlled independently of the front wheel steering and maintains a natural, safe and balanced steering feel at all times to allow the driver to optimise vehicle speeds when driving and cornering. The rear wheel steering offers higher stability at high speeds and improved agility at low speeds. By steering the rear wheels up to 10 degrees in the opposite direction at low speeds, the turning circle is reduced significantly.

The tilting system has been designed for a maximum tilt speed of 90 degrees per second while driving. This allows for cornering and slaloming on a level that surpasses most conventional sports cars.

The tilting system has been designed for a maximum tilt angle of 45 degrees at both sides.

Equipment & options

Yes, the Kerv is fitted with a digital dashboard as standard. It also features an infotainment system including music and navigation playback, and handsfree communication.

Yes, the Kerv features air conditioning for carefree climate control.

Yes, the mid-section of the roof panel can be removed or replaced by a soft top. The roll-over safety will not be compromised at any time.

Yes, the Kerv will be equipped with a rear veiw camera activated when Reverse drive is selected by the driver. The projection of the rear view camera will appear seamlessly on the dashboard.

The Kerv can accommodate luggage in multiple ways. For example, when driving without a passenger, the rear seat can be converted into a luggage compartment. Various options for external luggage compartments are also foreseen.


Attractive options are provided for both small and larger investors to participate with attractive options and conditions for an investment. You can contact Kerv via invest@kervautomotive.com.