Our view on mobility

Our view on mobility

We all live in a continuously changing world. How we eat, live and talk to each other is constantly evolving. The same is true for how we move.

At KERV Automotive, we all share a passion for cars and driving. We think cars used to be more than just machines. They used to have personality, character, and soul. They used to be an extension of ourselves, a reflection of our tastes and preferences. They used to make us feel something, whether it was joy, excitement, or freedom, being part of the driving experience.

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… contemporary cars are losing their character…

While we support the ever-increasing need for more sustainable drivelines and safer vehicles, we think most of these vehicles are also changing the driving experience. Nowadays, cars are becoming more like appliances, designed to a cost, performing only the very specific function of mobility. They are becoming more automated, more regulated and, as a result, more boring. We think that’s a problem.

Besides this loss of driver engagement, we think the problem also lies in the size of our vehicles. This is the most significant factor to determine the energy needed to move a vehicle. Did you know that the average occupancy is less than 2 people per vehicle per trip in Europe? For most countries it’s even lower, at around 1.2 average people per vehicle per trip. This means, for most trips, you’ll be alone in the car. This raises the question whether and why we all need big SUVs?

... our cars should be smaller if we go for more sustainable ...

On the other hand, two-wheelers present a more sustainable and often more enjoyable option as they are more efficient and agile in city traffic. However, they are often deemed unsafe when it comes to interactions with other road users, and uncomfortable for longer journeys or in poor weather conditions.

We believe we found a way to create a new generation of sustainable and efficient mobility solutions, while meeting our desire to bring back the emotion of driving and reconnect the driver to the roads. An enclosed, compact, nimble electric vehicle that seats 2 people safely and comfortably. Its maneuverability makes it excellent in urban landscapes, while the KERV chassis, steering and tilting systems and drivetrain allow for safe, extra-urban mobility.

… The KERV combines sustainability with a new form of driving pleasure…

The KERV chassis, steering and tilting systems for slim vehicles are designed to work together to make a narrow or slim vehicle stay safe on the public roads and highways. The unique tilting system shifts the center of gravity to keep a narrow vehicle stable and planted at all times and all speeds. Because by reducing the size of the vehicles, we use less space and we can reduce both the materials required and energy consumption for our trips by half, compared to a medium sized SUV. As a nice side-effect, this system provides the kick of driving a motorcycle in a fighter jet cockpit as you experience no lateral forces, seemingly floating from corner to corner.

… a new form of mobility, for everyone…

Our mission is to further rethink mobility into a low-footprint, but enjoyable experience that will put a smile on your face. We want to bring this low-footprint mobility solutions to everyone, while fostering real connections and emotions that create fun on every journey. We’re committed to redefining the way people move, ensuring a sustainable and joyful future where mobility is not only efficient and more sustainable, but also a source of shared experiences, laughter and memories. Our passion for innovation, environmental stewardship and customer experiences drives us to create accessible and ecological solutions to all people and places, making new memories, one ride at a time.

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At KERV Automotive, we see a future where electric mobility can be safe, efficient, as well as exciting.

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